Good Cheap Website Hosting

Hey GoDaddy… Get Stuffed It’s not very often that I have something nice to say about anything… Yeah I’m a…

Alcoholism, Insanity and The Lawn Chief

1990 Was a Bad Year… I didn’t mind throwing up so much but I really hated the dry heaves… And…

Juggling Wet Cats Plus A Review
juggling cats

And Other Really Bad Ideas typed out on a really nice keyboard Corsair Vengeance K95 Are you old as dirt?…

Who Wants More?
A Life in Chaos

In light of circumstances… I have not published much for a while… Lot of starts like: “This is How the…

King Crimson said it better than I could

Dinosaur Long ago and far away in a different age When I was a dumb young guy Fossilized photos of…

This too shall pass?

What time does not change… Death will.  

Don’t Bother
So Akmud & Dorkmud, Quit it, you are wasting your time.

You know… I read all the comments and I vet all of the “subscribers” to this website.    

Post Traumatic What?
Serious Face Stomping Big Black Boots by Red Wing

I quite honestly thought that most reported “severe PTSD” symptoms were Bull$h1t… I was Phuckin Wrong. Man, Oh Man… Am…

Tech Support

 Ello, I must be apologizing,  is-iz Jeff… Owmight ib’ee elping you t’day? … JEFF?… Bull$h1t. Are You Wearing a Turban? About…

Motel 6 Fleas
Fleas at Motel 6

Fvcking Blood Sucking Bugs… Woke up, and thought I was going to die… The Fleas of Motel 6 Staying in…

Here… Listen to Some Garbage

I Love Garbage I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife, who (after almost 9 years of marriage) I…

Madman Part VI
Damn Stupid Ducks

What made the Madman Mad? … NOISE  

Madman Part V
My Friends took to calling me Mad Max... It was not hard to see why.

Calling in the airstrike… Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of War… Death from above and all that stuff….

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